Horizontal baler principle features Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes
Horizontal baler principle features Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes


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Horizontal baler principle features

 Horizontal baler principle features:

  1. Horizontal baler is used to squeeze and solidify waste products and similar products under normal conditions, and it is packaged with a special professional packing belt, which greatly reduces the volume and floor space of waste products, and thus also achieves a reduction in transport volume. The purpose of saving freight is to increase profits for enterprises. At the same time, it has introduced advanced technologies and advanced technologies for similar products at home and abroad.

  2. The horizontal baler lead frame is composed of a wire device mounted on a frame. The entire lead frame is suspended on a central axis of the press frame and is moved horizontally by the hydraulic motor for the press frame. The press frame is a welded component device. The bottom is equipped with wheels and can move horizontally along the main slide under the force of a hydraulic cylinder.

  3. The lifting platform is mainly composed of two horizontal beams bolted together. The lifting platform can move up and down in the vertical direction under the push of two hydraulic cylinders.

  4. The press frame is basically similar to the press frame structure, but four packing heads and one feed line device are arranged above it.

  5. Horizontal baler packaging heads (4 in total) are the most complex parts of the entire equipment structure and the chain of actions is the most. Each horizontal waste baler has the same packaging head structure and can be interchanged.

  6. There are 4 sets of feeding devices, one for each packing head, and each set includes the packing line conveying device and the packing line anti-tensioning device. The main rail seat of the baler mainly consists of two wear-resistant rails on the surface.

  7. The compression frame wheels are guided along the outside of the two tracks and the hydraulic cylinders that push the compression frame are arranged therein. In addition, there is a complete hydraulic station in addition to the mechanical components.

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