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Shredding machine use precautions Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes


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Shredding machine use precautions

 The shredder consists of a set of rotating blades, a paper comb and a drive motor. The paper is fed from the middle of the interlocking blades and is divided into many small pieces of paper for confidentiality purposes. The shredding method refers to the shape of paper shredded by a shredder after being processed by a shredder. According to the composition of the shredding knife, the existing shredding methods are: broken, granular, segmented, foam, strip, filament and so on. Then, what matters to pay attention to when using a shredder are summarized as follows:


  1. Please use your machine close to the socket to facilitate the emergency cut off the power.


  2. In order to ensure the machine has a long service life and good performance, the number of paper shredding should not exceed a fixed amount, and, please do not use the machine for a long time in a place with heat or wet environment.

  3. Pay attention to the safety warning signs on the cover of the machine to prevent clothes, neckties, jewelry or hair from getting caught in the machine to ensure your personal safety.

  4. do not put your fingers into the paper shredder to prevent accidents.

  5. In the event of an accident, Henan Xiaobian advises you to immediately turn off the power switch or remove the plug directly.

  6. Do not insert paper clips, push pins, plastic bags, or cloths into the machine to avoid unnecessary wear on the machine tools and reduce paper shredding performance. Staples and paper clips are not shredders that can be shredded. Remember to see the identification and instructions on the shredder to avoid unnecessary wear on the machine.

  7. The shredder stops working during the work because it lasts for a long time or the number of shredded paper exceeds the rated number. Generally, it is not a fault. It is the overheating protection and overload protection of the machine that work, and generally can continue after 30-40 minutes. jobs.

  8. Be sure to keep the machine away from children and pets.

  9. As the temperature rise of the motor during continuous paper shredding will result in a reduction in the maximum number of shreds.

  10. Do not modify the internal structure or power connection of the machine in any way. If there is any damage to the machine body or the power supply, do not use it, contact the dealer or call the service hotline.

  11. due to different paper, or different temperature and humidity, the maximum number of shredding and continuous shredding time will be greater differences.


In addition, we must remind you that most current domestic shredders should also pay attention when using: The number of paper scraps should be within the limit as much as possible, so that the service life of the equipment can be extended; the time for continuous paper shredding should not After the specified time, the structure of the equipment's motor is similar to that of a domestic meat grinder. Continuous operation will cause the motor to overheat and shorten its service life. The confetti box should be inspected frequently. Excessive paper dust will stop the rotation of the shredding roller and burn out the motor.

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